Volunteer Opportunities

We welcome any help that you might be able to give us.

You help us, we help you, things just get better!

Volunteers also come to us through the Booth Centre at the Manchester Cathedral, and other Homeless agencies, as well as through Mustard Tree’s own supporting Team with the Freedom Project. We are also working with Back on Track an organisation that helps ex-offenders and people from disadvantaged backgrounds. We have recently also had a number of volunteers from a partnership with Learn Direct.

Our volunteers can work on either the Clearance vans or at the West Egerton Street Centre, and indeed some chaps like to do spells at each project for a little variety!

We are an enterprise that exists to help those in need, and our ethos is to give a helping hand, without StandFirm ever being judgemental.

Help us to make the world a little better.

a volunteer putting his thumb up