About StandFirm

We exist to provide employment to those whom otherwise would find it difficult, due to life issues they may have faced in the past.

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StandFirm aims to provide employment opportunities for those facing significant barriers to employment in Manchester. Through a range of profitable, sustainable and ethical projects that inherently benefit society. Providing an opportunity for staff to gain the relevant skills and attitudes to progress into mainstream employment within our city.

Core Values

  1. StandFirm enterprises will always be intrinsically ethical and will bring sustainable benefit to society.
  2. StandFirm will strive to work in partnership with other organisations, while aiming to lead through our example to the business community of Manchester.
  3. StandFirm will seek to create a rewarding environment that allows employees to give back to their communities.

About StandFirm Voids Project

StandFirm Voids Project is primarily about three things. Firstly we provide a quality, reliable and cost-effective void clearance service to our clients. Secondly we exist to employ staff whom otherwise would find it difficult to gain a job due to various life issues they may have faced in the past. Thirdly we exist to support Mustard Tree charity, whom we gift all profits to. We are looking to develop the company by obtaining new contracts, taking on more teams and clearing more houses.

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A Bit About Our History

StandFirm Community Interest Company was created in response to a need. A need for those struggling in life to find stability, confidence and a clear path forward. In January 2009  Mustard Tree a charity supporting the homeless and marginalized across Greater Manchester set up an internal project named “The Freedom Project” The project is designed to give men and women who have suffered life issues (alcohol and drug abuse, prison, homelessness) an opportunity to come and train at Mustard Tree and assist in the community and life of the charity. They are paired with a mentor, have employment workshops, motivation training and a range of courses to help their rebuilding. The last 4 weeks of the project are spent on a work placement with a partner company in the city. A fantastic project doing amazing things.

While the Freedom Project is helps individuals make significant progress towards work and in some cases into work, there are still significant barriers to the final step of securing employment. This is where StandFirm comes in. In many cases the trainees are highly skilled and have an amazing work ethic but just need somebody to offer them a second chance.

In August 2010 Mustard Tree started discussions with Northwards housing with a view to setting up a team to clear Northwards void properties, as part of their void process. A contract was agreed and the StandFirm void clearance operation was born. Now we have three teams operational clearing 15 to 20 properties per week, but we don’t want to stop there!!

The Facts, Figures and Voids Process

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Committed to Re-Use and Sustainability

Helping communities in need is a key part of the StandFirm business strategy. We aim to reuse as many items as possible that are taken out of void properties. The items are donated to Mustard Tree charity and then distributed back out to communities in the most serious of needs.

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